Sunday, 8 January 2012

The new years party had been great until the magician had showed up.
Mitch's co-workers had egged the magician on to do some tricks, and to
be fair to him he kept them all entertained with a few card tricks,
 slight of hand moves, and even the old rabbit out of the hat gag. Before
long however everyone had grown tired of the old chestnuts they'd seen on
television, they wanted something new.
"You!" the Magician exclaimed in his showman's voice, pointing his finger
 directly at Mitch's heart.
"For my next trick, I shall transform this meek little man into a buxom woman!"
They all cheered, except for Mitch, who did his best to bow out gracefully, backing
away towards the door.
"Oh no you don't!"
A sudden flash of light followed by a ploom of smoke filled the room, everyone
gasping in surprise. When the smoke cleared a woman, a buxom one at that, stood
in Mitch's place. The Magician smiled, only on rare occassions could he perform real
magic, maybe it was something to do with having an eager audience.
"Now" the Magician began "for my final trick of the night, will someone please shake her hand, I'm sure she'll find it...orgasmic"

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bottoms Up!

"Dude!" Sam cried with her new feminine voice, hands rising to cover her round,
perky breasts. Benny gave a wry smile as he casually sat at the edge of the jacuzzi,
he admired his transformed best friend whom he had tricked into getting into the
contaminated water.
"Don't you like it?" he chided, cocking his head to one side.
"change me back!" She said angrily, face contorting in an unhappy, but sexy, pout.
"Okay" Benny said, knowing he was taking things too far, in the end he didn't want to take
"The antidote is down there, just dive down and get it"
Sam raised an arm off her tit as she scanned the water, and there it was, a small vile of
glowing green liquid.
"Bottoms up!"

You Can Untie Me Know!

"Hey guys you can untie me know!" Benny shouted playfully, all the while knowing that his so called "friends" hadn't transformed him into a hot girl just to look at him. she would have to talk her way out of this situation, the alternative didn't bare thinking about.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Their Own Private Collection

Three weeks after gaining the ability to transform into gorgeous women, Sam had soon come up with creative ways of showing off his new assets. He had a name for each of his transformation states, this one he could "Ea", after EA Sports...It's in the game.