Monday, 6 February 2012

The Exchange Facility

For three months Edward had been taking regular trips to the Exchange Centre, whilst there he dealt with a plethora of legal obstacles in the hopes of being given the all clear for a male to female body swap. First he had to go through a series of psychological tests to see if he was in the right state of mind to be making such a big decision. Once he had gotten the all clear for that physical examinations followed. Edward was a working-class teenager, he's Dad had walked out years ago and his Mum, as much as she wanted to, simply couldn't afford to pay for the procedure. This meant that he had to hope that there was a girl out there in the same situation as him who wanted to exchange bodies. The nurses at the facility had given him a selection of one hundred girls to choose from, over the course of a week he wittled his choice down to one girl that he considered perfect - Catherine. She was a year younger than he was but that didn't matter, all Edward could do was blindly hope that she wanted his body too.

The image above is of Edward looking at his new body in the mirror, moments after waking up from the exchange procedure. Catherine had chosen him, this was the best day of his life.

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