Monday, 6 February 2012

The Magician's Assistant

The idea of having a stage magician as a roommate seemed like a fun idea at the time. At first the magician had performed minor magic tricks around the apartment; kids stuff like pulling the rabbit out of the hat and slicing a melon in half with a playing card, but then things started to get serious. The magician had told him that he was in need of an assistant and that it had to be him.

Darren laughed at the magician who sat with his legs crossed on the couch.

"Yeah right" he said "Don't give up your day job"

As Darren opened the living room door and stepped through it, he was suddenly aware that he'd somehow just stepped back into the room through some sort of loop. And to make matters worse he was completely naked and a woman.

Before Darren could make any sense out of the situation the magician pounced, pinning her to the ground, whispering into her ear "You'll learn to do as I say"

and as he said it he thrust his manhood inside her, her eyes bulging at the thickness of his member.

Things were definately going to change for Darla now.

1 comment:

  1. Too bad the magician felt compelled to force the position on someone when there are so many willing subjects around! I'd love to become a magician's lovely assistant... especially if he/she can perform feats that are more than mere illusions!! Like doing "mis-made" and proving that my body is in several parts by various methods... how erotic is that!!!